Fiber-Seal of Lafayette

Fiber-Seal of Lafayette combines superior post-installation protection products with exceptional cleaning and follow-up service.

We partner with homeowners, facility managers, and design professionals to help keep beautiful interior fabrics and carpeting looking their best, day by day, year after year.

Our customized Fiber-Seal service allows our residential and commercial clients to enjoy fine furnishings they have selected without worrying about spills and soils — we do the work to eliminate the worry. The Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System helps make the pretty practical, the luxurious livable — all at a cost-effective price.homepage slideshow3

To learn more about how Fiber-Seal of Lafayette can benefit you, click on our links. If you have made an investment in fine fabrics and carpeting, make Fiber-Seal of Lafayette your #1 source for fabric protection, cleaning and aftercare. Contact (337) 988-1167 today to learn how Fiber-Seal can help with your Residential and Commercial fabric treatment, cleaning and aftercare needs or complete our complimentary online Assessment Form.